Bravo Inox has been operating and gaining experience in the deep drawing of stainless steel for more than 20 years and plays a leading role at an international level. It has a consolidated position on the market and is reasserting world-wide the key concepts of the Made in Italy label, providing 360° of quality and service.
Bravo Inox offers its customers a complete range of steel products, which can be fully customised, and realises high-tech made-to-measure products, which will satisfy an extremely wide range of production needs.

Bravo Inox - Matrice della Qualità

A complete service, product and offer: this is how Bravo Inox responds to a market which needs solid, reliable partners and specialised collaborators for the high-level teamwork needed to study and satisfy every product requirement relative to deep drawn steel components.

corporate02aBut Bravo Inox has added an innovative spirit to its time-tested technical competence and this makes complete satisfaction of its customers' needs possible. Bravo Inox has added creativity to the highest level of technological know-how in order to manufacture made-to-measure products on demand. Not only is Bravo Inox present on the international market in 60 countries, it also adds quality to a timely service and really competent assistence.
corporate02bThrough solid, professional and qualified organization, Bravo Inox follows its customers from the design analysis stage, through the choice of equipment, to the realisation and finishing of the product.

The design and manufacture of the molds, all activities which are carried out within the Bravo Inox group, complete the production chain, thus increasing its ability to serve the customer from A to Z.

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